The Unnecessary Difficulty Of Buying A Bed

When people buy a mattress they typically go to a normal everyday mattress store. They empty their savings account and leave the purchase not feeling too good about it. There is something rather unsatisfying about buying a mattress. You go from one mattress to the next and you can't feel a difference between them and they all cost over $1000. The salesman will tell you all the latest technology upgrades in the mattress and you might believe him but in reality its just a mattress and the technology has been the same for decades. Don't be fooled. To be honest, there isn't one solution for everyone as to what mattress to buy. A mattress purchase depends on many factors. I am not going to even try to touch those factors in this blog post. Suffice it to say that buying a mattress is a lot more difficult then it should be. There are a couple of tips I will give in this post to hopefully help with the unnecessary difficulty of buying a mattress. 

First Tip: Price should be a main factor. Please know that mattresses are marked up way too much. Look for the companies that claim to mark them up less than others. I will not compile a list of companies here but I will say most of these companies are online mattress companies. 

Second Tip: Innovation in mattresses isn't as "innovative" as all the companies make it sound. I mean how much new "tech" can you put into a mattress anyways? If you find that you like the feel of the latest and greatest mattress you will most likely find that same feel in a different far less expensive mattress.