Whats the deal with roll-packed mattresses?

Whats the deal with roll-packed mattresses?


You know what we hate about buying a mattress? We hate going to a mattress store, feeling the pressure of the mattress sales-man breathing down your neck as you try to make a rational decision, having a million mattresses to choose from(all of which have sky-high margins)- and then when you finally make a decision, you either have to pay an arm and a leg for the mattress to be delivered to your house, or you can go through the stress of trying to strap it to the top of your car, or throwing it in the back of your truck and hoping that it makes it home unscathed. Yep, we can hardly imagine anything worse! That is why we have decided to use Roll-Packed mattresses. Because they eliminate all the things that we don’t like about the mattress industry!


So what’s the deal with roll-packed mattresses? Let us tell you about the latest trend in mattress technology. Roll-packing is a way for us to roll your mattress up (yes, JUST like a burrito) and then ship it right to your door. It happens by compressing the springs or foam in the mattress and then we are able to roll it up and get it into a box to ship! It is a new way for us to eliminate the hassle of transporting your mattress.


 Roll packing has completely revolutionized the industry. Now you can order a mattress online without having to go through the pressure of the mattress salesman! Its true- the entire process has been made completely painless by switching to an online route.


 A frequently asked question is “Does roll packing damage the mattress?” The answer is no, Roll packing has no negative effects on your mattress. You simply unbox your mattress in the room you want it to be, take off the plastic, and voila’- your mattress will immediately start to inflate!  Another question we often get is “how long does it take for my mattress to fully inflate? Well that depends on what kind of mattress you buy. If you choose a spring mattress- your mattress should be fully inflated within a few hours. If you get a foam mattress- give your mattress about 24 hours to completely inflate.


If you have any other questions please feel free to message us on the live chat option on our website. We know that you will love your roll packed mattress just as much as we do!


-Rudy’s Mattresses