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Rudy's Mattresses started selling mattresses in 2016. What a random business for a 22 year old kid to start? If you are wondering why I started this business then keep reading. If you want to skip the fluff and buy a mattress or a platform bed frame then click this link;  start shopping

The year was 2016. It was a good year for me but not for my bank account. I was dating the girl of my dreams and I was scheming up a way to receive her fathers blessing for her hand in marriage. We were living in a resort town in Drigss, Idaho. I was living in my brother's converted GMC Vandura! I was working three jobs; one as a waiter at a Korean restaurant, one as a zamboni operator at an ice rink, and another as a ski photographer. Those jobs were fun but not sustainable. In order to become more grounded in life I decided to start a business.

Elsa, The Girl Of My Dreams

(Elsa, The Girl Of My Dreams)

How did I choose mattresses?

I saw the mattress industry as an overpriced industry that really needed a good make-over. For far too long the mattress industry had been in the hands of old fashioned salesman with all their sales ploys and gimmicks. I also needed a way to remain a full time student and I thought mattress sales wouldn't take up too much of my time (I might have been wrong about the time thing). The next thing I did was order a truckload of mattresses and, to everyone's surprise, I liquidated them quickly. The next load went even faster. Apparently there is a need for an affordable mattress!

Bed frames too? 

After about a year of selling mattresses I saw a need to eliminate the box spring. I realized the box spring was a really unnecessary, overpriced item that took up too much space. The box spring dilemma comes when you go to buy a mattress and you have to buy the mattress plus a bed frame but then the bed frame isn't complete until you get a box spring. The box spring is the item that puts the finishing touches on your bank account. We drew up a bed frame we could make in house by hand that eliminated the box spring. We made it and tested it out. Four generations of platform minimalist bed frames later we have a simple, elegant bed frame that costs the same amount as one of those blasted box springs. 


Made In Idaho

Rudy's Mattresses has since expanded to selling mattresses and platform bed frames all over Idaho and the US. We deliver locally to Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Twin Falls, Jerome, Burley, American Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg and everywhere in-between. 

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(We Eventually Got Married)

Rudy And Elsa